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bituworks - ESPA
ISO Certification
ISO 9001:2015
CE Certification
Elastomer Mastic Melting Unit


Road Maintenance Works

Many years of experience and know-how for all types of maintenance
Modern equipment and top quality products
ISO 9001:2015 plus CE certifications for specialized equipment used


Initially light wear on road surfaces, if repaired on time, may lead to extensive corrosion or even total decay of the asphalt pavement.

BITUWORKS strongly suggests timely restoration with high quality materials CE certified with tested methods, executed by highly trained and experienced personnel.

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11Ανακατασκευή αρμών διαστολής γεφυρών στην εξωτερική περιφερειακή οδό Θεσσαλονίκης

Maintenance of Bridge Joints

Shrinkage joints are one of the most vulnerable elements of concrete bridges as they are...
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11Κατασκευή νέων έγχυτων ασφαλτικών αρμών διαστολής γεφυρών στο Βόλο

Road Crack Repair

Road damage happens due to traffic, soil and environmental conditions and possible construction errors. The...
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